10 & Under Tennis Team Goes Undefeated!

LOCAL (5/19/2011)

The 10 & Under Laguna Beach Junior Team Tennis has finished the season with a 10-0 record.

They will go into playoffs this weekend seeded #1. To keep their #1 spot in the regular season the team had to win a double header last Saturday. In their first match against University Park Irvine and playing without their #1 player Mason Lebby they won 7-2.  William Michelson won 6-2, Scott Yoder 6-2, Lola Fisher 6-1, Francis Pillsbury 6-5, Sebastian Fisher 6-0, Yoder/S. Fisher 6-1 and Pillsbury/Petey Szacaks 6-0.  Later in the day, playing away against a very hot team from Heritage Park Irvine, Laguna won 6-3. Four of those sets went to tiebreaks.  Lebby won 6-3, Michelson 6-5, Szacaks 5-6, Yoder 6-3, L Fisher 6-4, Lebby/Michelson 6-2, L Fisher/Szacaks 5-6 and Yoder/s Fisher 6-5. Coach Julie Heussenstamm said “This is team is chock full of talented, enthusiastic players and supported by low key but totally committed parents – a great combination for learning to play the game, competing well and enjoying the game. If they stay together over the years who knows what they can achieve.”


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